Recording, Mixing & Production


If you have your audio recorded but just need someone to mix, enhance, clean up, remove noise and master for release, I can do all of this and have the best of software from Universal audio to handle anything.

Also if you wish get have an older track remixed and remastered for re release, no problem.


I have space in my home studio to record one or two musicians at a time but I can also record you in your own space if you wish and if it's suitable. This is ideal if you have a piano or drum kit that you would prefer not to move, my mobile recording set up can easily solve that problem. Also this would suit singer songwriters who feel they may perform better in the comfort of their own space.

Other examples would include recordings of piano recitals, choir performance, string quartets etc. 


If you feel you need help with producing your songs I can help as I have over 25 years playing and recording with different bands. 

I can add guitar (electric or acoustic), bass, keyboard/synthesiser, synthesised strings, electronic acoustic and orchestral drums to your tracks as required. 


Please contact for a quote