Mix Analysis and Sample Master:

I will provide you with feedback on the mixes, as they may require anything from very subtle processing to heavy surgical processing and in some cases certain problems may be best fixed at mixing stage.

If you wish I can also provide a free sample of a track to give you an idea of what I will do for your music, so there is no risk for you.


When it comes to mastering (and indeed mixing), my approach regarding processing is always 'As much as is necessary but as little as possible'. 

I use only the finest Digital Mastering tools to make your music sparkle and glue your tracks together at optimum loudness.

If required I can also provide instrumental masters, radio edits, compilation sequence masters, files at different bit depths for different online distributors 

I will process stereo files or stems and please see FAQ section for info on how best to deliver your audio for mastering for optimum results.

I charge on a per track basis.


Stereo Mastering: 1-10 tracks: 50 euro per track and 40 euro per track thereafter 

Stem Mastering: 1-10 tracks: 60 euro per track and 55 euro per track thereafter.

DDP Master, including Metadata and ISRC Codes, required for CD manufacturing: 20 euro.

Vinyl Premaster- An extra 20 euro per track

Prices include revisions, if required and delivery of wav, mp3 files and DDP Master for CD production.